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Facilitating Opportunities for Businesses and Investors

Access Trade and Investments in Africa

What We Do

  • We walk our clients through the steps required to facilitate trade in African countries through a laser-like focus on specific sectors.
  • Assisting our clients to navigate markets and business issues using the latest technologies to meet their strategic business objectives and enhance their profitability.  



The development of Infrastructure is fundamental for progress across the African continent and a critical enabler for productivity and sustainable economic growth.


Power and Energy sector is a critical driver of growth and development across the continent of Africa with policy makers addressing the energy needs of citizens.


Many governments in African are looking to agriculture as an emerging or returning priority unlock the sector’s potential to drive economic growth


The African continent is a prime destination for information technology and telecoms investors and is being promoted as the next global technology hub.

Mineral Processing

The continent also offers diverse opportunities for direct investments in mining projects, mineral resources and processing industry.

Oil & Gas

With its untapped reserves and a growing demand with technology driving potential breakthroughs in both hydrocarbons and new energy sources in Africa.

Human Resources

We work with public and private sectors, providing suitable overseas recruitment to fill vacancies where UK/EU residents are not found.


Opportunities in the health market for manufacturing of health products, provision of health care, health enhancing services and generation of knowledge in support of health.

Fashion & Textiles

The African Textile and Garment industry has shown signs of significant growth in recent years, promoting high-quality traditionally designed fabrics to niche markets.