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Cultivating | Developing | Managing Relationships

One Regent’s Group Ltd (ORG) is a Holding Company that has been incorporated to hold the shares within other companies, acting as branches or subsidiaries which has a specific purpose. One Regent’s Group Ltd will not trade with the subsidiaries, but rather act as a central facilitator – which holds shares on behalf of the Mohammed Family being the main shareholders and the growth of the One Regent’s brand by developing and nurturing valuable One Regent’s businesses.  As per the picture below, One Regent’s Group Ltd will own shares in all Subsidiaries and other Companies which could be opened as it grows.


  • ONE REGENT’S (OR) LTD – International Business Consultancy
  • ONE REGENT’S LTD (11631293 – UK)
  • O’VALIMA LTD – Women’s Health, Wellness and Natural Skincare Brand
  • BRUV LTD – Men’s Health, Wellness and Apparel Brand
  • REGENT’S GROUP LTD – Re-registered as MYDijah – Life Coaching & Personal Development



Cultivating | Developing | Managing Relationships


The Company Structure for One Regent’s Group Ltd simplifies the growth phase of the company. Below we can follow three growth facets for which a Holding Company Structure works best.

(1) New developments

If a One Regent’s Group Ltd wants to expand operations into (a) more industries; or (b) more countries – it can easily do so by adding more Subsidiaries to its Holding Structure which has its own Name, Risks and Bank Account. The shareholder and Director in these new Companies would be One Regent’s Group Ltd.

(2) Partnerships  

Should One Regent’s Group Ltd want to expand with a new business with a new partner, it is simple to add a Subsidiary in the Holding Structure.  In this case the new partner(s) will own shares and have Directorship in the new company.  The company could easily expand with a new company in an unknown industry, by giving Directorship and 50% shares to a trusted partner with expertise in the targeted industry.

(3) Changes

When One Regent’s Group Ltd becomes large and the shareholding or Directorship changes, these changes do not have to happen at each Subsidiary Company.  If One Regent’s Group Ltd decides to hire a new Director and add 5 new shareholders, these changes will automatically pull through to all its Subsidiaries.




One Regent’s Group Ltd have chosen to set our reputation alongside a bold purpose by unlocking the limitless potential for growth in our clients, the emerging markets and the communities that we work with to assist in shaping vibrant economies where foreign businesses and investors can flourish.

Mission Statement

To be the partner of choice to businesses and investors who are aiming to achieve success in Africa by working with reputable partners and businesses. We are here to provide expertise and value to our clients in every stage.

Core Values

Our management team and employees are united through our ‘One Regent’s’ philosophy which is underpinned by our six core values. We are committed to conducting our business with the highest degree of Integrity, Trust, Transparency, Partnership, Collaboration and Excellence.  We believe that we can make the most impact by focusing on our strengths.  True collaboration and partnership governance are at the heart of achieving our purpose. We understand our responsibility to our clients and recognise our reputation is one of our most valuable assets and work to connect across businesses and industries both public and private.

Our values are not “stand-alone” beliefs but combine to form the solid foundation upon which our work is constructed. We shall always preserve our reputation by adhering to the highest professional standards and ethical principles that govern, including complete confidentiality.  Our values are linked to guide and influence decisions at all levels of our firm.  Upholding them is obligatory for everyone working for our firm.