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Access Trade and Investments in Africa

The continent of Africa has attractive markets that offer opportunities for greater returns and incentives for firms to invest in a variety of sectors (Public and Private). Market size, rule of law, legal market knowledge, access to distribution channels, and logistical performance of a target country, cultural and geographic distance, barriers to entry such as licensing, company registration and marketing communications may require establishing a formal partnership with a locally based partner to establish market entrance, and culturally distanced markets require more substantial investment.


Country-based research to obtain trade and market intelligence to compile reports and make recommendations to our clients.



Consulting with clients to determine new venture strategies and provide practical operational advice for business ventures in the African country they wish to work in


Working with clients to develop strategies to meet the company investment objectives and assist with the implementation of the strategy on the ground.


Providing logistical support and local sourcing for new ventures. Assist our clients to tender and bid for projects.


Facilitating introductions to local joint venture partners, relevant business and government contacts to facilitate new ventures.


Identifying opportunities that meet the investing businesses strategy and make introductions to fund managers with accessible funds for Africa-specific projects.